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Bradford Chinese Christian Church
8 Ash Grove
Great Horton Road
Bradford, West Yorkshire

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Charity Number   1097657
Tel   +44(0) 1274 735682

Church Pastor
Pastor Irene Chan
irene.chan [at]

Council Chairman
Mr. Kenneth Fong
kenneth.fong [at]

General Inquiries
info [at]

Please fill in the form below to make an inquiry on any matters regarding to our Church, we will normally reply to your message within 48 hours.


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2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Dear BCCC,

    My name is Mark Jones, and I’m the new Team Leader at Global Café. Global Café is a Christian charity which seeks to reach the international students that go to Bradford University with the Gospel.

    We wish to achieve this by partnering with you. To reach more internationals, we need more Christ-centred volunteers, increase in finances, prayers and more awareness. We were wondering if it would be possible to do a short presentation at your church one Sunday over the summer?

    I would also be happy to preach to help ease the summer burden. I am currently studying part-time a Graduate Diploma in Theology, and have experience preaching in several churches, including Sunbridge Road Mission Church.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    In Christ,

    Mark Jones
    Global Café Team Leader

    • Hi Mark,
      Sorry for the late reply. The Church has recently tried to maintain the website again. Your message has now been forwarded to our Chairman and you will shortly receive his reply.
      Thanks and God Bless.

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