Prayer items for week ending 4 Nov 12

  1. Please pray for Pastor Irene’s mother. On 1 Nov, she suffered from a stroke and is currently in the Intensive Care Unit. Pray that God will heal her and  recover fully from the stroke without ill effects. Pray for Pastor and her family.
  2. Pray for Johnny’s health. Johnny has been prescribed new drugs with less side effects. Continue to pray that the new treatment will be effective.
  3. Praise God for the safe arrival of LiZhu & Xue Bin’s baby boy and pray for the family during this new adjustment.
  4. Pray for the rehabilitation and recovery of Kevin Cheung’s father at home.
  5. Pray for Mrs Sun’s chronic backache.
  6. Pray for those affected by Hurricane Sandy in the Caribbean and North America, especially those who have lost homes or loved ones that they can find peace and comfort in God.
  7. Pray for the students who attended our gospel meeting on 27/10 will have the heart to seek God, and come to join our meetings more often.
  8. Pray for Bro Ah Choi and Sis Ah Zhi who are being baptised today. May the Holy Spirit move them to continue to grow in the love of our Lord.
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