Our History

It was in 1970, when Peter Wang was studying for his Ph.D. in Bradford, that each Sunday, he joined with a fellowship in Leeds, and felt Bradford have to start a fellowship. It was arranged to have the first meeting on 1 Nov, 1970. So what was to become the Bradford Chinese Christian Fellowship (BCCF), commenced with just a handful of people. Over the years, as Chinese nurses and students came to Bradford to study, we have welcomed them from Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore and from other places as well. Now there are ex-members scattered all over the world.

At the annual general meeting in mid February 1998, the members of the fellowship had approved the new Church Constitution and at the same time announced the birth of Bradford Chinese Christian Church. From when we became the first Chinese Christian Church in Bradford and for this we would like to give thanks to God.

Surely, it is still a joy to welcome new students especially those who know the Lord as their savior, that we might share fellowship with them and help them grow in their Christian life. It is also with immense joy to help others to come into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. Although it is essentially for Chinese, we welcome all who would come to join us.

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